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International Handling Fee Based On Shipping Method

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I have been searching for an hour or so and I can't seem to find a contribution that exactly solves my problem. We are able to ship to other countries, but for some international shipping methods we need to charge a handling fee because of all the time it takes filling out all of the forms and then going down to the post office to get the package stamped with the proper postmarks, etc.


All of the contributions I've been reading about seem to charge the handling fee based on zones or weight or price, but I need something that charges it based on the method of shipping. For example, we have no problem shipping Airmail Letter Post, but Registered Airmail Letter Post has extra forms and gets stamped with a postmark. We don't want to limit the customer's options because we want them to be able to insure packages and/or get them by a faster method if they so desire.


Does anyone know if any of the shipping contributions will do this or if something else can be modified to do this?

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