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Product attributes (multiple with Quantity)

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I'm trying to fix up my store, and i've looked through all the product attribute mods and have basically not been able to find one that might work for a simple thing such as this:


basically i have footwear, and all i need is the following;


PRODUCT attribute 1 (color) attribute 2 (size) Quanitity


so for example if i have STYLE named Ibiza, and it has many colors but in this instance just wanto use the color blue, and size 35, I want to be able to enter that I have 2 units in that size and color available.


How do I go about doing this?


I know I can put in a quanitity for one attribute but that means I have to create entries for one dropdown menu list containing the attribue color & size, and there could be 10 colors per shoe and each shoe has like 10 sizes, so that's just too much.


any ideas?

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