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OrderCheck v1.5 And CCGV Coupon Gift Vouchers v5_13

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(first post for me - although the forum is hugely useful - and am a Java programmer so forgive me if I wander off protocol unintentionally)


I have integrated ccgv (Gift Vouchers) onto OSC 2.2, all good. Then later I have applied OrderCheck module, first over a virgin version of the site, then over the version with ccgv installed.


The two operate fine on their own as far as I can see, but when working together the OrderTotal module calls the process() method on each order_total module, I guess to calculate running totals :


From ordercheck_functions.php:


$order_totals = $order_total_modules->process();


Usually it would appear that this method can be called multiple times on a given Order_Total module with no side effect, but with the Gift Vouchers module mods present, each order total element in the checkout_confirmation.php page is displayed twice, with the Gift Voucher discount being applied twice (this only reveals itself on the payment page).


I suspect the problem to be a patch on ccgv and how it affects values in $GLOBALS : I am using v5_13 but have tried v5_15a2 with no improvement.


Is anyone able to offer any pointers on this? Any help very much appreciated





Never Knowingly Understood

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