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ccgv free shipping bug

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Hi all,


Yeah - Ive started to have trouble with my STS.


Anyway I have deactivated it and you should be able to see a temporary site there now.




Will :thumbsup:


P.S. - Coopco, I know this is off of subject, but do you why that is happening - I cant track it down, Thanks Will

Sorry, no. I have no experience with STS. Maybe the support thread for STS may provide some clues?

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Got it!


Thanks Terra!!!!! :D

It worked straight away - no probs and have done some tests with different senarios and it send across only the Balance Due (Order Total) to PayPal - so it works.

Thanks so much - I didn't have a clue where to start editing paypal.php. :blush:


Thanks anyway Coopco - its totally off of subject!


Will :thumbsup:

William Hamilton

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