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Linkpoint Connect Help!!!

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I am not too experienced with this, as my web devoloper pretty much abandoned me with a non functional site. Here is the problem. When someone makes an order, they enter their card information, confirm the total, and then they are brought to the "success' page. The order goes through, however I never receive an email of the invoice, nor does it show up in the Orders section of my control panel. I currently have the Linkpoint Connect 1.1 contribution installed. I read another forum discussion about this contribution helping out someone with the same sort of problem:




However, I think you need Linkpoint API. I'm not sure. I tried it out, but I'm not sure if I set the parameters right. I've been trying to get this fixed for the last few weeks with no success. Can someone please help! Thanks


Here is my site: www.swankpets.com

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