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Only Importing First Line of TAB Delimited

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Hi guys,


I've read through all most of the post on the support forum as well as the contributions support forum. Couldn't find an answer for a very simple question. I'm using EP_v2_76_MS2_1 and everything seems to work except for the import of products. When I import products from my tab-delimted file only the first product gets imported and i get the following message :


File uploaded.

Temporary filename: /tmp/phpeol8Xm

User filename: EP2006May16-1705.txt

Size: 4085

| JAMU0102EU | | Targus - A | | | | | | | | | 94 | | | | | | Accessorie | Targus Acc | | Taxable Go | Updated

| PA055E | PAUH210E | PAUM01E | PAKP004E | B0220 T | PAWM002E | PAUH216Y | PA025E | PAUH212E | PAKP003E | AMP01EU | PA870E | AMB01EU | APD10EU | APA01EU | APM12eu | ACP50EU | PA095E | ACB10EU | AWM04EU | PAWM001E | PA075E | AWE04EU | AWE05EU | AMP02EU | AKP01EU |


What seems to be the problem, as I'v read through most post an the ony two solutions are that the delimiter are not setup correctly, which I think I've done, and the PHP5 problems.


If anybody can please help me here...



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You must make sure that you have a column named EOREOR at the end of your lines and each line must have EOREOR at the ending column.

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