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Hello All


Online when viewing articles they are listed by latest date posted. I need to know how to get articles to list in alphabetical order by article name. I sell art and using article manager to present artist profiles by name. A nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.




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Hi sparks, in response to:



One question though, any way to sort the articles other than by date?



No admin or user control of sorting has been built in (yet...). However, there are three separate listings that can be modified if you wish to change from the default sort option of most recent first.


The New Articles listing is set by the query in the articles_new.php page, line 65. At the end of the line, you can modify the order by code and specify a different field to sort by, e.g.




order by a.articles_date_added desc, ad.articles_name



could be changed to




order by ad.articles_name



to sort by name instead of the most recent article first (that's what the default a.articles_date_added desc does).


Similar modifications could be applied to the All Articles listing in the articles.php page, line 309 or to the Authors/Topics listings in the articles.php page on lines 175, 178, 184 and 187.


Hope this helps ;-)


Rob Anderson


This was taken from the article manager support forum :thumbsup:

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