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Canada Post module and iPowerWeb

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Well, after using iPower for the past 2 years for an osC cart using the Canada Post module, I'm looking for a new hosting company.


Seems that in the past few weeks they've shut down all ports other than 8000-8250, so communication to the CP servers is cut off. No calculated shipping costs any more.


As well I think they've turned off their sendmail as an order went through but no email was sent out.


iPower refuses to do anything to resolve the situation except sell me a dedicated or virtual private server account at multiples of my current hosting costs.


If you're having the same Canada Post problem ("Cannot reach Canada Post Server" errors) and you're using iPower, the solution is to find a new provider. If you're using iPower and it hasn't happened, get ready for it as they said they're "upgrading" all their shared servers to this configuration in the coming weeks.


Anyone have any suggestions for a good hosting company? Canadian is preferred... but reliability is the key word here.





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