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Help me understand shipping modules

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My basic question is what is the function of the shipping modules? Is it only to provide a value i.e. the cost of shipping, to be added to the order total? My reason for asking is that I am trying to understand why FedEx Automatic Labels classifies all shipments as ground when they go through the Free Shipping w/minimum contrib but successfully determines ground vs home (this hinges on whether there is a value in the Company Name field) when one of the selections from the Real Time Fedex shipping module is used. I've been all over the code and can't figure out if there is something else being passed by the shipping module that is then used by FedEx Labels contrib to determine the type. Of course, those labels can be printed days later so that would have to be stored in the database somewhere. If anyone has some suggestions on where to look or just an explanation of exactly what information comes from the shipping modules, I would appreciate it.





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