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Ebay checkout

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I've an ebay store and I want my customers to be able to checkout the iteams on ebay at my oscommerce webshop. Is that possible?


I need a page of something where the cusomer can write the iteam numbers of the iteams he/she have won and then the products are automaticly added to the shopping cart. Becasue of that all my iteams are "buy-it-now" it doesn't matter if a person checkout an auction he/she didn't win. The important thing is that the product is added to the cart when the person writes the iteam numbers of the auctions on some page of my shop. My shipping costs are weight based so I need to be able to type in all auctions myself (before someone wins them) at my shop so I can add weight and things like that.


Best Regards

Oskar R

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