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Easy Populate

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I need to add about 2000 products to my store in as quick as time it is possible.

I have ckecked the easypopulate contribution but there are so many fixs and versions leading up to the last one that I don't know the one to use.

Can any one tell me the version that is the most stable and/or publish a new complete package.

Your help would be very much appreciated. I am under pressure.

Thanks Rui and God Bless

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Hi all,


I have extremely limited knowledge of 'Easy Populate', but I'm trying to learn as much myself to save costs with my Webmaster.

I own an Online Retail Store, which is fairly new on the scene and I would like to know how to download my suppliers product databases to edit, then upload to my website through 'Easy Populate'.

My suppliers Databases include Trade Prices, of course, but also RRP (Recommended Retail Price) etc, so what changes would I have to make to these databases before uploading them to my website and how?


Also, are the images automatically put in place when uploading the databases, or does this have to be done separately?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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OK, I'm sure there is already an answer out there for this but I just spent an hour and a half reading and cannot find it. Can someone please help me. While installing it says to make sure you have a catalog/temp directory - I don't. It also says if you don't to change setting $tempdir in easypopulate.php. I have looked all through both easypopulate.php and the one under english and cannot find this. And even if I could, what do I change it to? I was looking for a support thread on this contrib but everytime I find something there is like 200 pages and for at least the first 5 pages, none of the info is what i'm looking for. I do a search on all forums for easy populate and it brings up everything on here with the word easy and 2 with easy populate which are questions asked but not answered, so I back up and move on. Is there an easier way to find info on this site? I feel like i'm going in circles, for the time I spend reading and searching I could be entering by hand. I'm not trying to be rude or ungrateful just frustrated. :blink:

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