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Sub-Category Problem

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I started from a clean install - http://www.papajimsbotania.com/index.php


I have installed:


Actual Price

Page Editor

Basic Design Mod 1.6

Featured Products 1.5.2

New Low Price

(and in this order)


All subcategories are now so wide that they push the left column below the right column.

Example: http://www.papajimsbotanica.com/index.php?...b77bada087eaa25


Where is the subcategory table width called from? - OR, how would I go about changing "something" so that the subcategory table would take up less room and allow the left column and the right column to display correctly.

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Your issue is that you do not have the site at a fixed width.


When I make my browser window smaller, your web page should not shrink with it, but it does.


Try what I said on your site and then go to mine and try the same thing. You'll see the difference.


It enables the page to hold it's forrmatting.


They way you have it, when the sub cat are displayed, the page needs more room, so instead of narrowing the center (where the products are listed), instead it wraps the right colum over to the left side.


Meanwhile all that empty whitespace isn't being utilized for contracting and expanding.


You need to have the entire site wrapped in a table with a fixed width of around 700px to 750px


Also depending on the layout changes you've done, you may have certain tables already set at minimums that are to large. Other than the main table for the site, its usually a good practice to use % for inner table - to avoid them pushing the others too far - which rearranges the layout as you are seeing.

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I looked at your site - looks great!


This is what my stylesheet says:


.fixcenter {
width: 800px; ------> set this to the width of the logo (850px)
border: solid; border-width: 1px;
background: #ffffff;
color: #000000;
margin: auto;
margin-top: 20px;
text-align: left;


Is this correct ?

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