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Add New Fields to PDF Datasheet Maker

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hey all


does anyone have any suggestions on how to add new product fields to the pdf datasheet maker? I have added a number of new product fields - which all work fine - would just like them added to the pdf datasheet - currently all info prints on datasheet EXCEPT the new fields - i am guessing they go in the pdf datasheet functions file - but I have no idea how ...





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I too require assistance in this matter. I have a great deal of information on my products page, that i would like to have on my PDF datasheet.


It appears as though the information is loaded in data_arrays with an id number:



Any Help would be great!

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I've been able to find out what data arrays do what:


Array 2: Product Model

Array 3: Product Name

Array 4: Availability Date

Array 5: Manufacturer

Array 6: Product Description

Array 7: Tax Class

Array 8: Product Price

Array 9: Product Special Price

Array 10: Product Image

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okay through some trial and error I think I found an answer:


In the File pdf/pdf_datasheet_functions.php:


On line 517 you have the array:

$print_catalog_array = array(

'id' => $print_catalog['products_id'],

'name' => $print_catalog['products_name'],

'description' => $print_catalog['products_description'],

'model' => $print_catalog['products_model'],

'image' => $print_catalog[PDF_ALT_IMAGE],

'price' => $products_price,

'specials_price' => $specials_price,

'specials_expires' => $specials_expires,

'tax_class_id' => $print_catalog['products_tax_class_id'],

'status'=> $print_catalog['products_status'],

'date_added' => tep_date_long($print_catalog['products_date_added']),

'date_available' => tep_date_long($print_catalog['products_date_available']),

'manufacturer' => $print_catalog['manufacturers_name']);



add in your values there and follow suit:


'price' => $products_price,

//added new array 'your_array' => $print_catalog['your_array'],


(For the $print_catalog string it is being read from the query above it from the products table)


Then around line 554:



Add your Array to it:

$data_array=array($imagewidth,$imageheight,$model,$name,$date,$manufacturer,$description,$tax_class_id,$specials_price,$price,$imagepath,$specials_expires, $your_array);

(Here is where it gets tricky, the order in which you add your arrays here are the Array ID for your $data_array[id] call earlier in the script.


So if your array is the 14th in the list then your data array would be:



Does that make sense?

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