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Shipping method based on quantity of certain product?

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Hi all!


My client's store sells small-size products and oversized ones. If you purchase 5 or more of the oversized products, you need to call for a quote instead of using UPS.


I have set it up based on price, just using the Order Total Module.

Right now, if a customers order totals $714.75 (which is 5 times the price of the cheapest over-sized product), the "Free Shipping" option pops up. (I have changed the verbiage to say "Freight" instead of "Free Shipping.")


The problem here is you could feasibly purchase a large amount of the smaller-sized products, totalling $714.75 or more. In that case, this freight option would pop up, which takes down the UPS option. This is not good.


I'm looking for a contribution or point in the right direction so that I can set up shipping to be based upon the number of a particular item ordered, instead of weight or total cost.


Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance!

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