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easy populate 2.79a Question

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im new again to easy populate and oscommerce


9. Run update.sql against your mysql database. Once the database is updated, you can set the configuration variables in the admin side under Configuration->Easy Populate. It is here where you adjust EP's operation for your store. I meant what I said, Please, Pretty please, do read the entire configuration stuff. Really. You'll be glad you did. You'll find all kinds of neat configurable stuff there. The instructions for using the various image mods and other supported contribtion variables are in there.


I do not know how to run the update.sql command at all where do i put update.sql in the root directory of catalog??


thanks to all who can help

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also now that the i did the other steps i do not see easy populate under configuration

It has been a while since I have done this but if it doesnt show under configuration one of the steps has not been completed or was done wrong. I would just go through it again and double check it. As for the .SQL file you need to go to your database admin program. I access mine through my sites control panel and it is called phpMyAdmin once you have opened your database admin you can select the database you want to run it on and there should be an SQL tab. On mine once you select that there is a browse button so that I can select the .SQL file off my pc and the just click run/go.


Hope this helps. Like I say it has been a while but when I first started adding in the contributions I keep having loads of problems but about 90% of them was me not double checking the instuctions, I keept adding things instead of replacing line's.

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