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Hello there,


I am fairly new to this php os commerce lark and have become stuck fairly early one. I have installed a copy of oscommerce and am now in the process of configuring it to my implementation. I have become stuck on a UK switch contribution. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...earch,uk+switch. I install it as per the instructions by over writing the files (except configure.php of course - i make manual additions here) but when i go into my credit card payment option it has added several blankk fields but nothing further. when i try to process a test order (pretend to be a customer) I can't take any orders as no cards even the default ones that used to work no longer do! I wonder if anyone has installed it correctly could point me in the right direction. I have tried overwriting the files and installing i have tried making the modifications manually in a text editor all to no avail. I am sure it is just a school boy error but not sure what the error is.


Any help would be gratefully recieved.


Thank you



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I have fixed it myself you have to remove the module and readd! there told you it was school boy. I hope this saves someone else the frustration i had!!!

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