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Extra Infos Page Manager

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Hi All


I have just started my first installation of osc - great product - great contributions!


First I installed STS 2.0 which is working. Then I wondered how I could change the

information links -> add, change name and contents.


I didn't find any describtions on how too change these, but guess one has to change

them in the language files.


Instead of having to change them in the files I choose to install Extra Infos Page Manager

contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2021


I first installed 4.5 and added all the changes, when I got the problem with the fckeditor

because this wasn't installed, I then installed the editor.


which worked, but when adding the integration with osc I couldn't find the files where

I needed to add some changes:


>In Admin/page_manager starting on about line 234 find and remove:


I don't have file called page_manager in the admin dir.


The editor was showing in the tool Extra Infos Page Manager, but when I edited or added

pages nothing changed(only the contact us page changed some text, when I edited this).


I hope someone can see what Im doing wrong..


thx in advance - d1

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Would I have been better of using -> Information Pages Unlimited v1.0?


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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