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Too many attributes with easy populate?

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Hey all,


Last week i was recommended Easypopulate to make adding products with many attributes easy, and it has worked like a charm until now.


I had to add about 20 more attributes to the list. the thing is when i now try to open the file in excel it tells me that i have too many colums and therefore cannot fully open. it opens up but cuts off about 15 colums at the end.


excel tells me to open the file in a word editor to split the file so that i would be able to open it as 2 files in execl. the thing is i need to upload a single file to oscommerce right?


i know there is a split fil feature with easy populate but thats for if you have over 300 products and so far i do not, i just have too many attributes for excel to handle. any ideas one what i may be able to do?

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