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2CO - 2checkout orders not coming back?

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I have been using 2CO for a few months - with no problems. Now, all of a sudden, NO ORDERS are saved in my osCommerce admin section. I have no way of telling how ordered what.


Can someone please help me troubleshoot??


I am using osCommerce 2.2 MS2, PHP version 4.4.1 - I have not made changes to the osCommerce programming...


Thanks much!!



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not sure it it matters or not but they no longer support v1 or something here is a copy and paste from there web site

I use 2co also and is working fine for me.

January, 5 2006 - 13:42:44

2Co has set a deadline for all vendor accounts to be converted from Version 1 (V1) to Version 2 (V2) by January 31st, 2006. After 1/31 all new sales pointed to V1 will be rerouted to V2 and the net result of all sales and refund activity in V1 will be forwarded to V2 for dispersal.


What does this mean to you?


After 1/31 all new sales pointed to V1, will be rerouted to V2. It is highly recommended that you review your V2 setting and complete the conversion manually so you can test your account and the sales process. It is also very important that you verify your banking information in V2 is correct and up to date.


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