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STS Template system - Search box

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Not sure if this is to do with the STS contribution or not but basicaly I want to just make my search box the same size all the time.


I am just playing around with a template for my site and this is the first time I have used it so may be doing some thing wrong but if you take a look you will see what it is doing.


I have deleted most all most of the stuff from the front page and the search box comes out a nice size but the more thing you put in there the taller the search box's get. So if you click on the MY ACCOUNT tab then you will see as there is more content on that page. If you click on downloads you will see it getting even bigger. I just want it to stay the same size.


Hop someone can help.




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Sorry another problem to add to this as well. I have tried on several occasions to install the SEF URL with this and it just deosnt work the link changes to the categories name but just cant find the page. Also you cant log into the my account as it says the browser cookies are disabled but there not. I have set both the cache and the session files to the same place and the cache files are writing there so there should be any problems with the other.


Hope someone can help

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