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Is it more simple to edit the customer order in phpADMIN (My SQL) than it is to download a contribution with possible bugs? Just wondering, as I am somewhat afraid to download a contribution having never done it before. I am not afraid of the bugs it might have, but more afraid of implenting the new file, since I would need step by step instructions on doing that.



Thanks for any help,


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I would offer you a copy of mine .. but it it too heavily modded. I have added extra fields such as mobile cell numbers, customer titles, currency rates at time of purchase, editable orders comments, product serial numbers input and software key input. etc...


But as said in previous post ... it is an excellent addition .. aside from the fact that it has a few tax glitches to be worked out. I still havn't had a lot of time to go through the code and see if I can possibly fix those glitches.


But .. all in all .. it is a must have for osc.

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