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Multi vendor, multi region?

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Hello everyone! Thanks for all of the great support out there, you have all been wonderful!


website: http://www.bavender.com


Here is the scenario:

If I were the customer, and I bought 2 products, one from 2 different manufacturers, I need to charge per the zone, and per each manufacturer.


I am currently running multi-geo zone shipping for 4 zones, but the client is requesting additional shipping configurations that include manufacturer shipping. that means if they choose ground, they pay $10 per item shipping until the order reaches $150 (we offer free shipping after $150.00)


Basically, all product is shippd from different locations, and he needs to charge per each manufacturer.


I currently a multi-geo zone shipping MZMT_Shipping_v1.100 installed which works great!


This poses a new problem, I have no idea how to merge my current shipping configuration with manufacturer shipping.


Are there any contribs that are workable in this situation? I have a few but I am leery to install due to lack of support on integration on some.


Thanks for your support!

Jesse Rooney

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Another issue I ran into, is I have free shipping on orders over $150.00, but it still gives options to ship other methods (2nd day, next day) but the value is only 0


Are there any hacks to get around this?

Jesse Rooney

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