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I'm in heaven

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Today I downloaded the MySQL ODBC driver from www.mysql.com - plugged it into my ODBC library in windows - and then proceeded to link the MySQL database into MSAccess. And it actually worked !!!


I now have full control of the MySQL database within MSAccess. No hiccups, nothing!!


So much control in fact that it's a scary place to be. One that makes you appreciate the term 'BACKUP'.


For anyone wanting to do the same start at www.mysql.com - they've got quite a bit of info there, but most importantly they have the drivers.



Never underestimate the power of stupid people, especially in groups.

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Can't agree more - easy to set up and really. really useful - not used it much since I set the store up when I needed to import nearly 1000 products from a MIVA store - lots of HTML in product descriptions that Access and MySQL can handle but Excel and Easy Populate tripped up on. Saved me weeks of work!


Also makes it very easy to update stock info, prices etc.

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