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Option_type_feature - options not displaying in orders...

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Hi folks,


I think I've installed option_type_feature correctly but I'm running into a glitch.


I have created Product Option radio buttons for Lining Colour and Shell Colour.


Then I created Option Values that show a graphic of the colour and name for each of the different values I want.


Then I added product attributes for each of them so the radio buttons show up under the product.


Everything works fine so far.


I log in as a customer, order the product, chose my options, it all goes through, shows me the options right to the checkout. Then I receive my email order confirmation with all the details written out. So, GREAT!


BUT Here's the problem!!


When I go into admin to check the order, the option value for the radio button attributes do not show up, which of course means that as the store owner I have no clue what options they want.


What am I doing wrong?



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Just realized that when I click on the "detailed order" link in the email my customer receives, same problem. No options are displayed.


Any help is appreciated.



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