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ECHO Credit Card Results not showing in admin

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I am having a problem viewing the ECHO processing results in the admin section of our cart. Before this weekend, everything was working fine. On Monday, I checked the orders in our cart and when I tried to look at the ECHO processing results (under Customers heading) for this weekends orders, they weren't there.


This weekend our web hosting company (abhost) implemented a new spam filter for e-mail. My suspicions are that the spam filter is somehow filtering out the information coming back from ECHO because the internet information is coming back over the same port as the e-mail.


We have another cart on a different port and it has been unaffected, which seems to confirm my suspicions.


Abhost is very skeptical about my theory, but I find it an incredible coincidence that the information in our cart disappeared the same weekend they started their new spam filter.


I have checked the database, gone into customer accounts, and checked the orders. Everything else seems to be perfectly fine. Is there anything else that would make this happen?


Please help!


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