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Combine Attribute Qty and Option Type Feature

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I'm working on a osc website for a photographer who wants their clients to be able to order their prints online. I have incorporated the Attribute Quantity contribution so that when the client views an image on the product info page, they see:


4x6 $5.00 [ ]

5x7 $8.00 [ ]

8x10 $12.00 [ ]


and they can add however many 4x6s, 5x7s and 8x10s that they want to the shopping cart all at the same time with one press of the Add to Cart button.


However, I would also like to incorporate the option type feature so that we can add Albums as products and allow the clients to customize their albums directly on the website. The albums could be added to the cart one at a time, but would have maybe a dropdown for the cover color, a checkbox for a cameo on the cover and so forth.


Has anyone used these two contribs in combination?



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In other words, can these two contributions co-exist? Has anyone tried it?


I have these two contributions running on my site and cannot get the option type feature to work. I have also put a question out there today, but have not gotten an answer. If I find anyting out I will let you know.




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