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Table Rates & Decimals - What's the Conflict?

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I've been doing a lot of searching for this as I hate to ask a redundant question, but to my surprise I find very little on it here.


Here is what I'm witnessing.


I'm currently using "Indiv. Shipping Price" and it works alright for single item orders, but the shipping adds up to high too fast for multiple item orders.


We would like to use the "Table Rate" based on weights. We have a lot of small, light items and a common weight we use is 0.49 that has a cost of $3.85.


So here's the problem...when I test it and go to checkout, it doesn't recognize the decimal. It thinks it's 4 lbs and so it's spitting out a $16.50 value (our cost for 4 lbs. in shipping). And if I add, say, a couple more to make it a value of 1.47 in weight...it's not calculating the correct weight.


Am I the only one who has a table rate that doesn't work? I'm assuming there has to be documentation on this somewhere?


Many thanks in advance if anyone can help us out.

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