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Live Support - Which one???

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Basically I have found four different live support contributions:



"Customer Support" Live Chat"

-This is a FREE module would allow you to have a live-chat support on your web site. It uses MySQL database, PHP, ICQ (for notifications), and JavaScript. This module was developed by me independantly from osC.

Updated: 7 Apr 2003


"Live Support Infobox for OSC"

-Live support using Dayana Host phpOnline is a live customer support system using demos can be seen at http://www.cyberwebdesign.co.uk/demo or on a live shop http://www.viasam.co.uk

Updated: 1 Sep 2004


"Add "livehelp" FREE at your shop"

-Add "livehelp" FREE at your shop, free service "HumanClick" from Bravenet.

Updated: 18 Sep 2002


"Live Help Mod v1.0"

-This is a quick mod that can be used to add live help to your osC site. It has been setup to be used with Click Chat Sold a free 3rd party live help service, but could be used for any live help system such as phplive or humanclick.

Updated 12 Jul 2002



I am tempted to go with the Dayana Host version, becuase it was updated in 04, and it has demos. But, does anyone have experience with any of the other live support applications? Can you post links to live sites?



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As far as I am aware the latest version of phponline was reported to have a security issue.


I would look at a solution called Craft Syntax.


Projects Director @ ozEworks.com

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