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CCC(custom computer creator)

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I have downloaded CCC from oscommerce which is a custom computer creator. Now normally and from what I thought most contributions come with full php files to replace your exsisting ones with the new scripts added into the files. But with CCC i have come to find out the instruction tell you to go through all these different files and change lines of code. Now im no PHP expert so doing this, failed. Somewhere down the line it must have been wrong, and the problem is it could be you know one less { or soemthing. My question, and reason of posting this is I need this CCC plugin very bad. One of the main reason i got oscommerce. Does anyone know what i can do, maybe a site that i can download that DOES have the files already created or that knows something I can do to make this work. please help!

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The trouble with adding these files to overwrite your existing files is that it will also alter any other mods that you have installed.


If you are using a fresh install of oscommerce just copy and paste the modified pages into your files. Its that easy. They are supplied with the downloaded contribution.


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