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LinkPoint Card Services - disabling customer's receipt emails

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Hello all. Can anyone tell me how to disable the customer's receipt emails that Linkpoint sends out on the vendor's behalf? They cause a few problems:


1) The order numbers they list in their emails are entirely different from the order number assigned by OSC

2) The 'your order has shipped' email that is sent whenever a transaction is charged (Confirm Shipment) is a bit irrelevant since it doesn't contain and useful shipping information and shipment details (ie time, carrier, tracking #) are sent in an OSC generated email

3) If you would like to decline/refuse an order for whatever reason you have to complete the charge (Confirm Shipment) before you can void the transaction. Thus the customer receives one email saying the order shipped followed by another email saying the order was voided. Follow by an email from the customer to me asking which is it, shipped or not.


I assume stopping the checkout process from passing the customer's email address to LinkPoint Central would be the best but I don't know how to go about make that change.


Thanks for any advise anyone could offer.

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