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Updated to "oSC 2.2 051112 Update" problems

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First to say here that iv did some search for my problem still can not fix it. thats why i have to post it here asking for help.


I just install the update release and causing the problems:


1. a warning displays on top of my store front says:

Warning: The sessions directory does not exist: tmp. Sessions will not work until this directory is created.


2. I can not display/login to my admin section. Every time i trying to login to my admin site the server error displays:

nternal Server Error


The file containing /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/toustar.co.uk/httpdocs/admin/index.php must not be owned by a UID less than 10000.


Iv checked my installation steps for several times and everything seems correct, but no luck to fix the problems.


If anyone facing the same problems or having some idea solving the problems please reply. That will be really appreciated.


Here is my site if test necessary. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for ur reply!


I make some fix according to the 'sessions' but it seems no difference for the problems.

( Not sure here: I tried to change '/tmp' to 'tmp' in the database by using the query "UPDATE configuration SET configuration_value = 'tmp' WHERE configuration_key='SESSION_WRITE_DIRECTORY';" but it seems not take effect cause it says "Affected rows: 0 (Query took 0.0014 sec)". dont know why)


After that i create an directory called 'tmp' and the warning in my front page just disappears. (wondering) But I still can not get into my admin.

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