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What's the Best Contribution to use?

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I need 2 contributions.


I have a clients store that sells groceries. And basically they need a contribution that will split up shipping by 2 separate carriers. One for USPS for non-persihable goods and the other UPS for perishable items. I imagine this causes a problem when you have a customer that orders both. Is there a way to do this?


And lastly, I also need a contribution that will not charge shipping at all based on specific zip codes. BUT those customers would have the option to 1) pick up at the store, 2) have it delivered to them for free (if they live in the correct zip code), and 3) have it shipped using the method from the paragraph above. And likewise, if the customer does NOT live in the free zip code areas, they won't see that option at all.


Anyone have any ideas how I can deal with this?


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