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Custom Table Rate Not Working

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:blink: I installed the Custom Table Rate with 2 Fields contribution (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3153/page,2), but it doesn't work. I followed the instructions to the letter, but something isn't taking. I have some products that exceed the shipping cost of what is defined in the standard table rate, so I installed this contribution to help fix that. Since all of my products have a weight of 0, I put the weight of 25 pounds on the heavier products so that it would add an additional $20 to shipping on those specific items without affect the shipping cost of the lesser weighted items. I have my Price table rate set up and that's always been working fine, but then I added a Weight table rate of 1:0,26:20.00. And then I made the heavier products have a weight of 25 pounds. But when I do a test checkout, only the price table rate shows up. And yes, the Weight & Price option is selected.


One interesting thing about this contribution is that I didn't have to edit any files outside of the language file. So it seems that may there might be a piece of the instructions missing out of some code somewhere that tells the system to add the Weight table in also if it has the heavier weight.


Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem or do you know of a way that I can handle this problem with the heavier products with another contribution? Because the other issue is that I also have some dining serving pieces that by the piece aren't affected by the Weight table, but I do have to charge more if they order the complete set. And since that complete set selection is set up in the Attributes area, there's no way to indicate weight on it. >_<

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