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LoginBox Best + 7Dana theme

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Hi everyone,


I am using 7Dana green template and LoginBox Best from Linda downloaded from contribution page.


up to this stage everything works perfectly, I have 2 copies of oscommerce, one on local pc for testing and one hosted online. i apply same settings to both.


the problem is on local testing copy with loginbox, after customer logged in, browse to DVD-->click action movies graphic, and choose a manufacturer from the drop down menu in the middle on top of all the action movies, then it log customer out totally.


but when i do the same step on hosted copy of oscommerce, it works fine! so it lead me to think that it's my cookies setting in configure.php


but after comparing configure.php both from hosted version and local installed version, they both looks very similar except for the hosted version it set cookies to my domain, and locally installed version set cookies to my local pc.


anyone able to shed some light? thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)


btw, i am using easyphp locally and hosted company use php 4.**

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