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What contrib for accepting PO?

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I'd like to integrate Purchasing Orders into my store but I'm a little confused what mod should I use. There are so many contributions for accepting PO, like "Purchase Orders 1.4.1", "Institutional Purchase Order Payment v1.2 by Nicpon", "Purchase Order V2.3.1 by penfold_99", "PURCHASE ORDER ACCOUNT APPLICATION". And I don't want to deal with credit cards. Could anybody please help me choose which mod to install. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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I wanted to bump this post. What I am interested in is a module which will track orders I make to my suppliers and then increase the inventory when I receive them. I have created a rudimentary purchase order/inventory control system but it has taken far longer than I hoped and I still can't tracking things like customs charges, exchange rates and taxes. Does anyone have a solution? I also have attributes such as size and colour to track.



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