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[Support] TrustCommerce payment module

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To be honest, this sounds like some sort of configuration or modification or data change within the stock OsCommerce setup.

Have you tried posting this particular issue in the main general support for osCommerce? Would it be possible for you to setup a dummy Oscommerce shopping

cart and install the module based on the instructions provided in an attempt to narrow down whether its this contribution, the cart, or some third party change?

I know that sounds like a lot of work... (I've done the load and install of the cart multiple times as I was reorganizing the contribution)

You are correct sir!

I resolved it by importing a backup db and re-submitting the newer contrib sql.

The db had gotten corrupted by trying to make the old version work.

BTW, I did submit a question in the general area. It got 17 views and zero replies.

The problem was something neither one of us had considered but your replies in this area of the forum reinforced my resolve to resolve and is greatly appreciated!


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I just updated to the most recent version and am getting this error when I click "Install" in admin/modules/payment/trustcommerce


1062 - Duplicate entry '0' for key 1

INSERT INTO trustcommerce_avs (avs, avs_description) VALUES ('0', 'General decline or other error.'), ('X', 'Exact match, 9 digit zipcode.'), ('Y', 'Exact match, 5 digit zipcode.'), ('A', 'Street address match only.'), ('W', '9 digit zipcode match only.'), ('Z', '5 digit zipcode match only.'), ('N', 'No match on street address or zipcode.'), ('U', 'AVS unavailable on this card.'), ('G', 'Non-US card issuer, AVS unavailable.'), ('R', 'Card issuer system currently down, try again later.'), ('E', 'Error, ineligible - not a mail/phone order.'), ('S', 'Service not supported.'), ('O', 'Not applicable.');



Any help?

Quidquid latine dictum sit, profundum viditur.

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I installed the most recent version and am trying to use the "Trustee Merchant Host" option. But after entering credit card info on checkout_payment.php, I keep getting redirected to the login page! I have been scouring the code and I can't figure out why this is happening.

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