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no product name, price in order admin

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For some reason the purchase details from shopping cart (which appear to be complete in the output of all the shoipping cart files) are not being passed to the database after an order is confirmed. The upshot is that the admin>customers>orders>edit screen comes up with

Products 0x


Tax 0%

Price (ex) ?0.00

Price (inc) ?0.00

Total (ex) ?0.00

Total (inc) ?0.00


The email to the purchaser reflects this also, and of course, so do invoices, packing slips and all.


But then, the next line picks up Total ?17.00 from the db.


If I go to the database


The price fields, product name fields, and etcetra in the orders table set are blank. but the total fills in ok.


Could it be that some name changes have occured to the default db header titles after this, or some other mod were installed?


Any ideas? (other than reinstalling everything and feeding the products database sections back in by hand (groan))

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