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Call For Pricing / Negotiable Pricing

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I have installed the Call For Pricing / Negotiable Pricing contribution http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2500 and I would like to change the text/link on the product info page to an image or at the least ?click here to check on price?. I also noticed that I also noticed that you have to go to the products description in order to press the link for ?call for price? It would be nice if I can make a link like Buy Now!


The second thing is that I noticed a contribution on the same sting as the Call For Pricing / Negotiable Pricing that edited the contact us form field and added the product information. It looks like that contrib edits a previous version of the contribution, does anyone know how to make it work for the latest version. Any help on any part of this would be great.


Thank You,



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