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Change default shiping module selection

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I have searched high and low with no luck - but am sure this must have been asked/done before!


I currently have two 'delivery' options available - table rate and pick up.


Since the 'pick up' cost is zero, it gets selected all the time as the best way to ship. However, the majority of people will want delivery. I'd like to save these guys the click (and possible order/billing error).


What I would like to do is prevent the 'pick up' being counted in the best way calculation - or ensure that table rate is selected by default.


Any clues?!

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Well, by commenting out the following


/*if no shipping method has been selected, automatically select the cheapest method.
// if the modules status was changed when none were available, to save on implementing
// a javascript force-selection method, also automatically select the cheapest shipping
// method if more than one module is now enabled
 if ( !tep_session_is_registered('shipping') || ( tep_session_is_registered('shipping') && ($shipping == false) && (tep_count_shipping_modules() > 1) ) ) $shipping = $shipping_modules->cheapest();


nothing is selected and the user cannot proceed until a shipping option is chosen. Just need to add the pop-up or a visual warning that no shipping method has been chosen - and job's a good 'un.


Still be nice to pre-select the most common postage option, rather than the cheapest so if anyone has any ideas, would be good to hear!

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