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I don't want Product Price (net) to show

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When I upload my .txt file via easypopulate I have the right price in that file, but when it gets to oscommerce there is a Products Price (net) and a Products Price (gross) and it will only show the Products Price (net) to my customers and I want it to show the Products Price (gross) instead.


Right now, my oscommerce is only showing my customers an 8% above cost markup due to this problem of it showing the net instead of gross price.


I think that this is a setting that I need to adjust in the admin/categories.php file but I could be wrong. If it is, then I need to know how to adjust it.


I've searched and searched in the forum and contributions but I am not seeing anything that could help me fix this.


Would you happen to know how I can fix this please?



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Found the answer -



On line 70 of easypopulate.php change to false. This will remove the tax calculation.




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