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Add 2% to price from database and remove 90% for it

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Hello there!

I got a question:


$this->data[$data['products_id']] = array ( 
'unit_price' =>  $data['unit_price'],
'unit_name' =>  $data['unit_name'],
'unit_shipping' =>  ..................


This is the part of my feed.


1. I need to take $data['unit_price'] and add 2% to get 102% in total it should appear as 'unit_price' in text file I'm exporting my feed to.

(price + 2%)=total price


2. Then, 'unit_shipping' should be 10% of 102%

('unit_price' + 2%)-90%= 'unit_shipping'


I would appreciate any help.


Thank you.

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