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Protx SuccessURL??

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Hope someone can help as this is really driving me crazy....


I am using the Protx Form Contribution and when a user puts in a valid credit card the site then redirects me to a success url but this is coming in as a Protx form.


I have narrowed my problem down to the SuccessURL but don't know how this works or what I need to put in this?


$plain .= "SuccessURL=" . tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS, '.../..../..../.../checkout_process.php', 'SSL', true) . "&";


This is the main part of the coding and I need to understand if I have to change this or if its something that needs to be done at the protx end as I then assume the users cart is then cleared one the order is accepted and my stock is then deleted from the database.


Any thoughts and help







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I am having almost exactly the same problem. Protx say it is not their system at fault, but what I am seeing is successful transactions are being redirected to:




but are ending up at:




I have made no changes to the code recently and don't understand why this change should suddenly occur.


Anyone have any ideas?



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