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PLEASE HELP - "P.O. Box - Show USPS Only"

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I just have "P.O. Box - Show USPS Only" installed, it works well as the name of the contrib suggested.


My case is that I have three shipping modules installed, that is, UPS, USPS and a Table Rate (based on combination of USPS Priority wtih Registered Mail for highest USPS insurance). What I try to do is to allow customers to choose from ALL three shipping methods for standard street addresses (no "PO Box" in the address line), in other words, I need all the modules to be displayed in that situation. However, when this contib applied, the USPS methods are "disabled" for non-pobox addresses.




(1) Is there any way to allow USPS methods to be also displayed for non-pobox addresses with this contrib?


(2) How can I control what type of shipping methods to be displayed for po box addresses (in my case, both USPS and the USPS-based Table Rate need to be shown)?


Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas!

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