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Totally Lost

Easy Populate - File uploaded, but I see no effects

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I've installed easy populate successfuly, but using it seems to be far from easy. Im not sure what im doing wrong.


I 'sucessfuly' upload a tap-limited file to my database....but the simple as can be file that i upload is not reflected in my store's database.


I've downloaded the 'complete tab-delimited' file and tried to upload the exact file again....when i do this, new 'catergories are created' as the previous products in my database do not fit the correct format.


I've copied the 'sampled' file included in the original package, and completed the required fields. Also, uploaded successfully....but the upload is not reflective in my store. (this means i upload the file, but i see nothing different than if i did not upload the file)


What might be the problem here?



I have a value inpputed in the 'v_products_model' heading...i've tried both words and numbers in this section, both less than 12 characters long. Here is the 'sample file im trying to upload'. It is saved as a 'tab_delimited' file through Microsoft Excell.


v_products_model	v_products_image	v_products_name_1	v_products_description_1	v_products_price	v_products_weight	v_date_avail	v_products_quantity	v_manufacturers_name	v_categories_name_1	v_categories_name_2	v_categories_name_3	v_categories_name_4	v_categories_name_5	v_categories_name_6	v_categories_name_7	v_date_added	v_date_avail	v_tax_class_id	v_status	EOREOR
767676	C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\buddha.jpg	Buddha	This is a buddha statue	999	50	10/23/2005	88		Drawings											EOREOR


I cant seem to find a problem. Im now just trying to upload one single product. I downloaded the 'complete' file from Easy populate for editing....and used the headings that I felt were most pertinent to what i was doing. The other fields I erased.

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