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OsPlayer - "Mac Like" Aqua Skin

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I created a new skin for those using OsPlayer and are tired of the default one:




In the instructions I made an error....



I stated that...




I'm uploading the player with instructions because I forgot to state that:


In your catalog/product_info.php page


you'll need to change the dimensions of your flash movie from:


width="193" height="265


width="242" height="386"


it should change to

width="255" height="265"

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My Contribution

Music Download Store Template


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When I try to publish preview the .fla file in flash program, I've got this error -


**Error** Symbol=open, layer=Calque 3, frame=11:Line 12: Type mismatch in assignment statement: found Boolean where Function is required.

_root.stop = false;


How can I fix that?

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I have no idea why you would get that error... I didn't create the FLA file, the creator os OsPlayer did. I just changed some background images....

try changing the fonts and see what happens...




Is there an application I could use to change the color of the original osPlayer, other than Macromedia Flash? I use a Mac and the version Adobe has now does not work for the OS I have (10.3.9).


I would like to change the grey background colors, so they would go with my store better.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself...


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