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Custom Computer Creator 9.3

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I have a problem with Custom Computer Creator 9.3

When I setting up default products, the price is 0 and the pictures are not showing, but the default product are showing.

Can sombody help me?

I have try with diffrent bowsers: Opera, Explorer and Firefox and get the samme.


U can see on: http://www.minidata.no/ccc.php

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Try adding some of your own products with prices and pictures and see if it works. Do you also have an image called nosel.jpg at the following address http://www.minidata.no/images/nosel.jpg. I suspect that you dont. You should createa default image and save it as nosel.jpg inthe above location.


Add some of your own products to ccc9.3 and you will find that it should work.


See it in action at My Webpage


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Thanx! I have install Oscommerce and CCC 9.3 from start and now its working :D


I am having a lot of trouble with installing the ccc 9.3. I found no instructions other than the cut and paste in the html readme.


The admin functions don't appear to allow me to add products and I am having difficulty figuring out the database structure to add my components and systems. In other words... could someone point me in the right direction for help?

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