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2checkout charging extra to customers on non-default currencies.

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Hello there.

I'm having a big problem, and I know I don't usually post here, but I hope some good soul would give me a clue, or at least, maybe you are having the problem and you are not noticing about that. I suppose you may want to CHECK this on your site if you have 2CO.


Try adding items to your shopping cart and switch the currency to Euros. Get to the payment confirmation and see the amount you are being "charged" in Euros. That amount is based on the currency rate on your website. Then get to the 2checkout screen and compare this values. If you see it's higher, then you have the same problem that I have.


I thought, OK, 2checkout is still charging in US$, and only shows Euros as a figurative value. Theyre rates are different and so, they show a different value, but they DO charge you at they are rate and pay you at yours. And there's a HUGE difference in that.


For a sale of US$ 132 I've got paid US$ 132 (less theyre usual fees). But my customer was charged for US$ 142 on it's credit card bill.


I wonder if this could be a problem with my modules, but I think it's very hard that to happen in this way. If there's something bad about passing parameters, then I should get paid that amount also.


Well, I've started the thread, hope there's someone else with something to say about!




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I have the same problem... and for 2CO it 's normal.... it's a real problem and I asked wath system they use for the currencie (to try to put it in OSC).... but nothing..... the difference is more or less 5% !!!!

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