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I?m having a problem with the Option Type Feature contribution and I can?t seem to figure out what I?m missing. I installed it, did all the configurations, double checked everything and it seems to work up to the checkout_shipping.php page. It seems there it looses the Text information and doesn?t pass the information along to the remaining pages.


The Text field shows up on shopping_cart.php, yet when I get to checkout_confirmation.php the field shows as TEXT and not what I entered in the text field. It passing the TEXT to the database because if I look at the order placed, or the invoice/packing slip it shows TEXT.


Any ideas what im missing to fix this??


Product Options

ID: 14

Personalized Engraving Line 1

Option Type: Text

Lenght: 32


OPtion Value

ID: 0 (this id is set in the configure.php)

Name: Personalized Engraving Line 1

Option Value: TEXT




New Fields with Easy Populate

Remove Category Images

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Have you found a solution to your problem? I have the same problem and have been staring at the code for far too long.



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