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affiliate database signup error

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Hey Guys,

I have everthing installed properly and have everything workin in admin and on catalog to do with osc affiliate. But when i do a sign up in from affiliiate_signup.php i get this error -




1146 - Table 'timon1_naturalbody.TABLE_AFFILIATE' doesn't exist


select affiliate_email_address from TABLE_AFFILIATE where affiliate_email_address = 'ourotmail4@yahoo.com.au'




I says i can't find the Table affiliate and when i go into phpmyadmin it has the table affiliate_affiliate with all corresponding attributes. I then checked a lot of files are they supposed to all be pointing to

TABLE_AFFILIATE_AFFILIATE . What confuses me is that in the affiliate.sql says to create a table called affiliate_affiliate.


Does anyone know how to fix this error?

Was i supposed to have queried the file in phpadmin rather than adding the info the the query?

looking forward to any answer




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