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Easy Populate Import Problems

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I am aware that much has been written about Easy Populate import problems but unfortunately I cannot find the specific detail I need in the posts. I can download and edit files in tab deliniated format but not import them. I am running oscommerce in localhost mode on a Windows machine.


The catalog is located at D:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\catalog, and I have created a temp directory as required under catalog. I gather from what I have read in the posts that my problems are likely to be associated with tempdir and document root settings in configure.php.


If anyone is able to assist with specific configure.php line entries I would be very grateful. Not being familiar with php I find the syntax quite confusing.

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This is an often given response, but only because it's the right one I promise ;)


Please post all your EP issues in the dedicated EP support thread - that's what it's for! :D

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